• Grief & Bereavement Counseling

    We work together so you can integrate and carry your loss in life affirming ways over time. We are dignifying the pain, honoring the experiences and inviting your mind, body and heart to move through grief rather than assuming there is a “problem” that needs to be “fixed”. 

    Changes including difficulty maintaining mental focus, compromised emotional regulation, lethargy, unexpected waves of intense sadness or conflictual relationships may sometimes be related to unspoken grief. Unaddressed losses that may go back to childhood years can have long lasting impact on physical and psychological health. Counseling can facilitate coping with the loss of loved ones as well as the loss of roles, physical ability, relationships and communities. Engaging in counseling can help you uncover why time didn’t really “take care of it” and how you can move forward on your own terms and at your own pace.

     Counseling can offer space to metabolize past and anticipated losses that may otherwise remain unacknowledged, unvalidated or  stigmatized by social norms.

    If you are experiencing grief-related thoughts, behaviors, or feelings that are distressing, you are welcome to reach out today for a free consultation.