Health & Wellness Counseling for Families and Caregivers

Barriers to optimal health can include:

  • Overwhelmingly busy schedules
  • Difficulty changing lifestyle habits to manage or prevent chronic medical conditions
  • Difficulty sustaining progress
  • Navigating physical pain
  • Anxiety around body image
  • Impact of sociocultural factors

Information overload and lack of clarity around what works versus what doesn’t.

When health related changes impact one family member, other members can be strongly committed to offering the best support and yet, despite the good intentions, conflicts related to health habits may cause disconnection and isolation that can lead to more distress and complicated health challenges. Sitting with the inability to help a loved one can be a distressing experience with long lasting impacts on the family member who is working hard to offer support.

Even though the family might be equipped with helpful resources and potentially powerful knowledge, sustaining new habits and understanding what another member is silently experiencing might be challenging.

Sometimes knowledge, planning and follow ups won’t be enough when psychological aspects have been reinforcing unhelpful habits and creating barriers to wellbeing.

Working towards lifestyle disease prevention, management of existing conditions or following doctor’s recommendations can be stressful without the compassionate and effective support from caring others.

How can counseling help? 

Family wellness counseling with me is meant to be an experience where clinical counseling disciplines used to address the grief, trauma and anxiety associated with experiencing health conditions are integrated with the lessons gained throughout 10 years of health coaching and educating health conscious professionals and their families on enjoyably building sustainable habits for optimal wellbeing.

Counseling can help the whole family experience more attuned communication and build relational resilience while navigating current health related challenges.

Personalized new skills for resilience and self care can be practiced throughout the counseling journey to reinforce new habits and maximize chances of living a sustainable lifestyle.

When needed, coordination with other providers including medical doctors and nutritionists is encouraged.

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