Health & Wellness Coaching

  “I know what to do but I can’t do it”. Does this thought sound familiar when it comes to your health habits? Your challenges may include yoyo diets or exercise routines that are so effective in bringing misery rather than joy! Or maybe you are advised by a healthcare provider or somehow felt motivated for a while to create lifestyle changes and now you are not sure what works for your versus what doesn’t. 

For some people, the more information they may find in books or online, the more confused they can get especially when one day you hear about a “superfood” then the next day, it’s labeled as “toxic”! 

Prior to becoming a clinical mental health counselor, I have served as a master certified health coach with specialized training in educating and coaching families and seniors on sustainable habits for nutrition, lifestyle, movement and mindset. Working for 10+ years with professionals, parents, children and teens, I felt much joy and hope witnessing how people can enjoy rather than endure the journey towards health. 

 Instead of forcing changes that won’t last, suffering from frustration and lower sense of self efficacy;  you can move towards durable outcomes and habits that can be enjoyably integrated into your life. Health and wellness coaching with an emphasis on a well rounded holistic approach, can help you move towards specific goals with more momentum and direction using science based tools and reliable skills. 

If you are curious when you can benefit from health coaching and when therapy can sound more relevant to your needs, feel free to schedule an initial consultation.

*Health coaching services aren’t offered to existing or former counseling or therapy clients. While therapy and counseling services are currently offered to residents of Oregon only, health coaching and education can be offered regardless of where you live.