About Counseling & Therapeutic Wellness, LLC

Counseling & Therapeutic Wellness, LLC is a private practice in Portland, Oregon established with the hope to to provide culturally responsive, non-pharmacological treatment and evidence based counseling and psychotherapy for hardworking adults with challenges related to trauma, complex trauma (CPTSD), anxiety and acute or complicated grief.

Any clinical or logistical steps are intended to be aligned with the firm belief that all humans and identities have the right to live with health and dignity. 

Individual and group counseling services are offered with hopes to help clients sense their aliveness and reconnect with their own “center” and resourcefulness to remain present for what/who they care about.

Counseling and therapy experiences are co-crafted with each client to match unique needs and aspirations and to act as potentially powerful vehicles for overall optimal health.


Provide quality care that aims at leveraging humans' resilience and preventing the negative impacts of chronic psychological stress on the physical and overall health of individuals, families and communities.



Information, psychoeducation and invitations to ask questions and offer feedback are constantly offered to help clients feel aware of the purpose, relevance and aspired outcome of any therapeutic or logistical step. 


 Counseling and therapy here are considered as growth oriented experiences where clients' own resources, cultural backgrounds, perspectives and aspirations are deeply valued. You have an opportunity here to work with a therapist on your psychological wellbeing without necessarily receiving a diagnosis.

Outcome Based

Clients are not expected to start their first session with well articulated "goals".  By collaboratively communicating with your counselor, you can open doors to healing possibilities, then co-craft a plan to move forward. Clients may simply have hopes and commitment to feel better, then gradually therapeutic goals can be clarified and refined.

Feedback Informed

 Clients are viewed as experts on themselves and their regular feedback informs the process of carefully selecting and modifying therapeutic modalities to match their unique needs and offer effective therapeutic experiences.

Aspired Outcomes

Management of  physical manifestations of anxiety

Increased sense of aliveness, resilience and patience 

Nervous system regulation

Leveraging the mind-body connection to create a new healing relationship with the body

Cultivating momentum and rhythm to pursue goals and sustain gains

More fulfilling / authentic relationships 

Widening the repertoire of reliable and personalized tools that can be called on at any time after a counseling journey comes to an end

More restorative sleep

Higher levels of functioning and fulfillment