Group Counseling

Living Well

Do you feel anxious about your health? Does it feel like the more you try to get rid of anxious thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations the more persistent they become? This group is a step-by-step 15 week journey to practice and reinforce new personalized habits and skills that are delivered in group format after being tailored to meet each participant’s unique needs. The group integrates psychoeducation and mindfulness based skills and is held in conjunction with individual counseling to help you:

Increase your understanding of how it wasn’t your fault if past attempts to get over anxiety didn’t result in durable outcomes

Understand your unique experience of anxiety and cultivate potentially empowering and genuine self-compassion and appreciation

Practice reliable and effective evidence based tools to experience more ease, joy and confidence while leading the lifestyle that supports your optimal health

Honor your time and avoid the frustration that results from randomly trying tools that may work for other people but may not work for you and discover why certain tools may not have served you in the past

Experience dynamic and supportive group process with fellow humans who deal with similar challenges and are willing to support one another while gaining individualized attention and tools that are customized to meet your unique needs.



Grief & Loss Support Groups  

You can click the link below to send your questions and share the specific loss(es) you would like to address.