• Family Health & Wellness Counseling

    Barriers to optimal health may include:  

    Overwhelmingly busy schedules

    Difficulty changing lifestyle habits to manage or prevent chronic medical conditions

    Anxiety around body image

    Impact of sociocultural factors 

    Lack of clarity around what works for you versus what doesn’t.  

    When health related changes impact one family member, the whole family may be willing to team up and offer the best support, yet despite the good intentions, conflicts related to health habits may cause disconnection and isolation that can lead to more distress and complicated health challenges. Witnessing loved ones as they suffer and thinking that you can’t help can be a very a painful experience.

    Even though the family might be equipped with helpful resources and potentially powerful knowledge, sustaining new habits and understanding what another member is silently experiencing might be challenging. 

    Working towards lifestyle disease prevention or management or even following doctor’s recommendations can be stressful and unsustainable when the rest of the family is not on board or unsure how to offer compassionate and effective support. 

    How can counseling help?

    Counseling can help the whole family strengthen and enjoy  connection and communication to build resilience and prevent the emotional isolation and chronically depressed mood that can be silently experienced initially by one member, then start to seriously affect the whole family later. 

    Family wellness counseling can help when the whole family is committed to offering compassionate support for a member who is diagnosed with a medical health condition that demands lifestyle changes. A well rounded approach to health can reduce the psychological stress associated with life altering health conditions and help unite the family and minimize conflicts around health related decisions. 

    Whether only 1 member or the whole family is working towards optimal health and lifestyle diseases prevention/management, working with the psychological aspect of physical pain can be life changing. Your goal may be to stop unsustainable habits such as yoyo diets and workouts that are effective in creating misery rather than joy! Sometimes “knowing” or being prescribed “the right” plan is not enough when hidden lifelong psychological aspects have been reinforcing these patterns. Counseling can support your goal of  sustaining positive outcomes.

     Here, your counselor integrates clinical disciplines with insights gained throughout 10 years of whole-person health coaching and educating busy professionals and their families use evidence and science based tools to enjoy sustainable changes.

     Personalized new skills for mental health maintenance and self care can be practiced throughout the counseling journey to reinforce new habits and maximize chances of living a sustainable lifestyle.

    When needed, coordination with other providers including medical doctors and nutritionists is encouraged. 

    *In the meantime, only consultations are available for families. There is a waitlist for family counseling that you are welcome to join.